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” Let them eat cake” – Marie-Antoinette, 1789

Throughout history Cake has been used for different celebrations, across many cultures and has been created in many forms. Cake trends began in The Viking Era and have continued all the way up until today.

Whether you are throwing a large function or a small party at home, these 2017 cake trends are sure to impress and inspire.

All the cakes featured in this blog have been made in Melbourne. Hovering over an image will reveal the supplier, with extended details at the bottom of this blog. Links to DIY options from different bloggers around the globe attached at the bottom of each segment.

Drip Cakes

Drip cakes are created when a cake covered in Fondant or Buttercream has Ganache, Royal icing or Melted chocolate poured over the top to created a dripping effect. Bakers usually couple the drip cake with other trends such as flowers, Macarons, Chocolate shards and fruit, to compliment the design of the cake.

DIY Drip Cake


Macaron Cakes

The Macaroon cake trend is the art of placing Macarons of any flavor or colour, on or around a cake for decoration.

DIY Decorating a cake with Macarons 

                 DIY Macarons            

Geometric Cakes

Geometric cakes are shaped or decorated with shapes and lines typically used in geometry. Including triangles, Hexagons and Parallelograms and other fabulous shapes.


DIY Geometric Cake


Marble Cakes

The idea of a Marble cake is to resemble the look of Marble stone.Marble cakes are covered in Fondant. Created by twisting white and black  together and then covering the cake with the Marbled Fondant.

DIY Marble Cake


Glossy Cakes

The shiny coating that creates the mirror glaze on Glossy cakes is a thick gelatin based liquid. The liquid is poured over a freshly baked cake or any size  or shape.


DIY Mirror Glaze 


Feature Flower Cakes

Feature Flower Cakes use flowers as the main decoration. Flowers can be Real, Artificial, or made from Sugar. Florists are able to create Real of Artificial flower arrangements for purchase, for cake decorating purposes. Purchasing toppers from professionals ensures real flowers have been prepared properly for safe food handling. Sugar flowers can be purchased or Pre-ordered from cake decorating supply centres. Alternatively all options can be DIY’d.

DIY  Fresh Floral Topper 

DIY Artificial Flower Topper 

DIY Sugar Flowers 

Naked Cakes

A typically cake is covered by Fondant, Buttercream or a Glaze. However this trend forgets tradition and symbolizes new age cake decorating. The typical naked cake uses buttercream to stack the tiers, with a small amount or no buttercream to cover the outside.  Naked cakes should be treated with caution in hot weather or outdoors as they have a tendency to melt when exposed to the elements.

DIY Naked Cake 


Ruffle Cakes 

Although this had been a consistent trend for a long time it is still sure to ruffle a few feathers! Created by piped Buttercream or manipulated Fondant to get a Ruffle effect.


DIY Buttercream Ruffle 

DIY Fondant Ruffle 

Water coloured Cakes

Simulating watercolor  can be created by painting food coloring on a cake covered in white fondant, or by placing colored buttercream on a cake covered in plain buttercream and blending it in.

DIY using food colouring

DIY Using Buttercream 


Geode Cakes

The aim  of a  Geode cake is to simulate the look of precious stones such as Amethyst or Quartz. This is done by Mixing fondant and or placing sugar rocks in certain positions to look like an open gem. Who doesn’t want a gem of a cake?


Instagram: Sweetbakes_

DIY Geode Cake 


Succulent Cakes 

Created by either piping different succulents out of royal icing  or buttercream or placing non toxic real succulents species  as decoration.The trend is down to earth and perfect for those who want a unique yet understated cake.

DIY Piped Succulents 


Gold Cakes

How do you make a Gold cake? You add 24 carrots *Insert audience laughter*. Gold is placed on cakes by  using edible gold leaf sheets, Gold luster dust, edible glitter or via edible paint.

DIY Painting with luster dust 

Chalkboard Cakes

The chalkboard cake takes us back to our school days. Mimicking a class room chalkboard, this trend can be used to created romantically beautiful cakes.  Created by using black fondant and white powder, along with white edible paint or chalk to draw the designs.

DIY Edible Chalk and Cake

DIY Painted Chalkboard cake 

Black Cakes

Black cakes are for those who would like to match their cake to the color of their soul. Just kidding of course. Black cakes are created when Black  Fondant ,Ganache or Buttercream are used to cover the cake. This trend fits perfectly into the themes of black and white or Monochrome.

DIY Black Fondant 

DIY Black Buttercream 

DIY How to color Ganache 


Lace Cakes

In the 1400’s lace was created as a decoration for garments, and in 2017 we use it to decorate our cakes. Lace on a cake is created by piping with royal icing or fondant or gum paste using molds.

DIY Making lace with molds 

DIY Piping lace on small surfaces

 Hand Painted Cakes

Paintings have always been a way to express ones tastes and likes. The emerging trend of hand painted customized images is gaining popularity. Whats not to love about having a talented decorator paint your favorite images on a cake for your special event. This is done by painting on Fondant with food coloring or specialty edible paints. This however can be pricey  and as an alternative DIY can be attempted.


DIY How to make cake paint 

DIY How to paint on a cake 



Sequin Cakes

Roll up, Roll up come Sequin this amazing cake trend. This dazzling cake trend brings edible sequins to cake. Sequins are attached when piping gel is spread on the outside of the cake, they are then pushed into the gel to stick.  Sequins can then be colored by using luster dust or edible paint.

DIY Sequin cake


Concrete Cakes: 

Ever been driving or walked passed freshly laid concert? Ever thought “Wow i’d love to recreate that look on a cake”? Well do we have news for you! Some incredibly talented Melbourne decorators have managed to turn a not so impressive concept into fabulously designed cakes. Featuring harsh edges and mostly toned down palates, looking hard as rocks but are ever so moist, introducing ……CONCRETE CAKES!


The Melbourne Event Blog is wishing you happy event and the best of luck in finding or making you perfect cake

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